Our signature espresso truffles are a rich delicious treat anytime 

Superior white chocolate peppermint truffles are smooth and creamy with just the right touch of peppermint to delight the senses

Vegan dark chocolate and creamy coconut milk make the perfect match in this one of a kind treat


Milk Chocolate & Bailey’s Irish Cream

Velvety rich and deliciously creamy truffle infused with a touch of Bailey’s Irish Whiskey

Matcha Truffle

Green tea enhances our creamy white chocolate truffle and creates an unbeatable combination of flavors and a unique truffle experience

White Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle

Perfectly crafted white chocolate swirled with a rich hazelnut spread

Milk Chocolate Peppermint Truffle

Heavenly milk chocolate truffle laced with espresso and peppermint makes for edible perfection

Milk Chocolate Espresso Truffle

Velvety rich and creamy truffle infused with espresso is deliciously simple

White Chocolate Peppermint

Creamy and smooth superior white chocolate with a touch of peppermint and sprinkled with edible nonpareils


“They are creamy and they melt in your mouth.

They are also addictive.”

Caroline G, Rogers MN

“I received the truffles as a gift and without doubt they were the best truffles I have had!”

Archita P, Great Falls, VA

“Best truffles I ever had!”

Claire F, Richmond

“Truffles were a huge hit.  They are amazing!”

Alison P,  Ashburn